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Business owners must make a number of important decisions in the beginning stages of any venture. There are many different types of corporate entities and an entity that may work for one type of business may not work for another. Making the right choices in these initial stages can help a business get off on the right foot and reduce the likelihood of future conflict between business partners.

Palestine Business Organization Attorney

The Law Office of Terry M. Thorn helps business owners select the appropriate entity for their business. We will discuss your goals and find the type of entity that best meets the needs of your business. We are able to establish every type of business entity, such as the following:

  • Partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Limited liability partnership

Every entity has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, in a partnership all partners are liable for all debts of the partnership. In a limited partnership, partners have limited liability and are shielded from creditors. However, members of a limited partnership must pay franchise taxes. A lawyer with substantial experience in selecting an entity can be a vital resource for helping a business get off on the right foot.

Our law firm serves both new and established businesses in a number of ways. We help businesses plan for contingencies, such as the incapacity of one partner, or if one partner wishes to sell his or her interest in the business. We also facilitate the purchase and sale of existing business entities and can advise and counsel businesses on various legal matters.

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