Palestine Real Estate Litigation Attorney

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Owning real estate is a major investment of money and time. Any real estate dispute can negatively impact your investment and, in certain cases, the quality of your life. If you are in a boundary line dispute, a title suit, or any kind of real estate dispute, you need an experienced real estate lawyer working on your behalf.

The Law Office of Terry M. Thorn is located in Palestine. We serve clients across East Texas. Attorney Terry M. Thorn has practiced law since 1977.  Contact our firm to discuss your legal issues.

Palestine Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Our firm is able to handle every type of real estate dispute or real estate transaction. One common cause of litigation is a land partition suit. Land partition suits come about as the result of multiple parties owning a piece of land. Some parties may wish to sell the land, while others may not wish to sell. We represent single landowners, or groups of landowners whose interests are aligned. In every case, our clients receive skilled, knowledgeable representation.

We also handle boundary line disputes and easement disputes. In many areas of Texas, county roads do not reach every parcel of land. As a result, easements may be necessary to get from their property to a public road. Although easements are supposed to “run with the land”, each landowner’s rights and responsibilities may be unclear. We are strong advocates for our clients and help them seek appropriate relief.

Our firm also handles title suits. If, after a title examination, there are defects in the title, our law firm can file suit against the appropriate parties to cure defects.

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